Czech Republic Trip, September 2015

My preparation for a vacation consist of buying an airline ticket and booking a hotel for my wife Linna and I. We have showed up many a time in another country with no inkling what the hell we are going to do or see, but one thing we do well is stumble upon remarkable restaurants and discover the cool spots in town.

The flight from Seattle started in good fashion with me receiving a new seat assignment of 2C to Amsterdam. Well…it was marvelous for me, but my wife was still stuck back in comfort plus. I tried to convince (really) her to exchange with me but she insisted for me to keep it. We all know there is a major difference from sleeping flat versus upright!

Our destination was Prague, Czech Republic with a blank itinerary. This is our first trip to the Czech Republic and we spent most of it around Prague. Our hotel was centrally located and just a short walk to the Old Town Square and train station. We did a lot of walking which is the best way to see Prague of course. We visited all the local stuff…started off in Old Town Square, Charles Bridge and then onto the Prague Castle our first full day. We finished our day with a Thai oil massage and a late dinner.

We had heavy lunches and late dinners and usually found a semi-romantic dinner spot around 9:00 p.m.. We would focused on outdoor dining knowing the inside could be a little smoky…those Prague people love their cigarettes; plus we love to people watch too.

We pretty much completed Prague in three days so we decided on a day excursion to Dresden, Germany. Dresden is just over the border of Czech Republic and was completely destroyed during WWII by the controversial heavy bombing by the British and Americans. Dresden has been reconstructed and now Germans consider Dresden as their country’s most beautiful city.

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