Camp Muir Hike, July 2023

For my 63rd birthday, I did my annual birthday hike up Camp Muir on July 12th. Craig Schilling and Chloe Wei celebrated my day with me.

Freeman Pose
Craig Schilling & Rick Freeman Heading Up
Local Mountain Goat
Chloe Wei & Craig Schilling
Freeman On Muir Snowfield

Freeman & Wei on Camp Muir

Camp Muir Birthday Hike, July 2022

It’s becoming a tradition on my birthday to hike up Camp Muir on Mount Rainier if I am not flying somewhere to celebrate.

Camp Muir, 10,100 Feet Elevation
Ione and Jim Darmiento
Chloe Wei Memorized By The Scenery
Freeman On The Slide
Tao Song & Chloe Wei At Camp Muir
Local Marmot
Resting At Camp Muir
Rick Freeman & Chloe Wei At Camp Muir